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La Croix

November 8, 2011 edition (page 26) and on


Learn to play the piano with the best teachers

"I started working on Chopin's arpeggio etude using your advice, and I think I will be able to play the whole piece in just a few weeks! This message of thanks is intended for the pianist Marie-Josèphe Jude, one of the teachers who now share their teaching via Internet. Created just a few short months ago and available to beginners since the beginning of the school year, is meant for all piano-lovers who want to learn to play the piano or pick up where they left off, and aren't able, for financial, geographical, or other reasons, to take private lessons or study in a music school, explains Mathieu Papadiamandis, pianist and founder of the website..."

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Le Figaro

October 25, 2011 edition, on the front page of the central section "Le Figaro et vous" and on


Virtuosity lessons on the Net

" It couldn't be simpler, just like the name suggests! Behind the domain name is a website of online piano lessons with teachers who are veritable stars: the likes of Jean-Marc Luisada, Marie-Josèphe Jude, and Jacques Rouvier. The idea, once again, is disarmingly simple: via a subscription or the purchase of individual lessons, one can download high-definition videos of some 200 private lessons with renowned teachers on specific pieces, from the evergreen Czerny etudes to the Nocturne Op.15 N.1 by Chopin. An underhanded jab at conservatories and other music schools?... "

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Le Monde

September 11, 2011 edition, Television supplement


They're playing piano online

"Lean to play the piano via Internet, it's possible thanks to the website The former editor-in-chief of Pianiste magazine, Mathieu Papadiamandis, launched this January a series of filmed piano lessons available online. The website is intended for musicians of all levels, from beginner to advanced. We've created a specific course for starting the piano, which doesn't require any knowledge of how to read music. We start from zero, first by getting to know the instrument, the posture at the piano, and learning to read music, explains Mathieu Papadiamandis. At the other extreme, we offer lessons by acclaimed teachers on the great works of the pianistic repertoire..."

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